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And I have two messages to deliver, which I hope you will not object to receive.
I will write a message that you may take to them, and they will follow you.
If he were less generous he would have sent you a halter rather than this message which I bear.
Please burn the cipher message, which can now be of no use to you.
Why, this is not the first time in my life I have carried messages to high and exalted ladies.
You know what the withholding of this message you carry may mean," Mr.
The real Banking-house by Temple Bar, the real business of the past day, the real strong rooms, the real express sent after him, and the real message returned, would all be there.
Granet glanced eagerly back at the original message.
Now Dingaan winced, for he knew well that he himself and one Mopo had stabbed the Black One, but he thought that this outland chief had not heard the tale, so he said no more of the message.
When the message rate was fairly well established, Hudson died--fell suddenly to the ground as he was about to step into a railway carriage.
And while the message was being read, in her eyes persisted the vision of her mother.
Three days later a message was left scrawled upon paper, and placed under a pebble upon the sundial.