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Alec set the bottles on the wide railing before him, examined each carefully, smiled over some, frowned over others, and said, as he put down the last: "Now I'll show you the best way to take these messes.
Cecily could NOT eat her porridge; she declared she had such a bad cold that she had no appetite; a cold she certainly had; the rest of us choked our messes down and after we had done so Peg asked us if we had noticed a soapy taste.
She even caught herself humming aloud as she divided the fish into messes for Mrs.
Mahon un- dertook the cooking, and unexpectedly developed all a Frenchman's genius for preparing nice little messes.
There's not enough room here to list all the messes that come with engaging with others.
Visitors can also come back each week to vote for the best mess to determine which messes move on for the chance to win the grand prize.
No matter what you're getting ready to celebrate, you're not immune to the messes that seem to always accompany holiday cheer.
It is about how to manage messes in policy more reliably and avoid managing them less reliably.
The intended ban on dogs in play areas, etc would therefore have no effect whatsoever in reducing the dog messes which Mr Lorriman encountered.