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The fact that opposing opinions devote such energy to undermining anti-messiness-based criticisms of their preferred statutory construction and even take pains to cast the countervailing construction as equally messy is significant, and suggests that the background norm of messiness avoidance is deeply entrenched in statutory jurisprudence.
In developing the Steam-Mop, we identified typical user frustrations with hard floor cleaning--like safe cleaning concerns on sealed hardwood, messiness, time-intensive cleaning and concern of chemicals--and designed a solution for each," says Kira Sconion, senior product manager.
She explored modern America, its various areas of messiness as well as its deep pockets of glory.
In letters home, Robin describes what is happening, but as the story progresses, he censors more and more of the messiness of war.
The current situation has all the messiness of an emergency response.
Second, on a new front altogether, we now see Lipus poking and prodding at the powers-that-be, at the established order of things, from the physiology of individual humans to media to the solar system itself, even as she is forced to come to terms over and over with the frailty and messiness of our essence as bundles of bones.
She said the papers show "blots, crossings out, messiness," and a writer who "broke most of the rules for writing good English.
But they clearly know their marriage is past saving, and when it's over, it's best to walk away with as much dignity as you can, and leave the messiness and bitter recriminations behind you.
Preaching as proclamation of God's mercy has the capacity to mediate an encounter with God in the messiness of our lives.
You must be willing to leave your comfort zone and deal with the messiness, complexity and chaos.
With all the tumbling around in the garden, finger painting and general messiness kids get up to, grubby hands are part of growing up.
The characterizations are sly, and the messiness of human relationships, the process of grief, and the theme of changing perspectives are all examined in this novel.