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The Genzyme drug discovery effort that developed the anti-obesity program has drawn upon the company's extensive expertise in developing compounds to treat metabolic disease and its world-renowned reputation in polymer chemistry.
All previously healthy children in Virginia who died suddenly or of an unknown cause should have been referred to the ME and would have been eligible for the study; however, a child with an undiagnosed metabolic disease who was under the care of a physician and whose death was attributed to another apparently clear cause (e.
Clarke has done an amazing task in providing this handy guide of approximately 300 pages on how to diagnose inherited metabolic diseases.
Ember Therapeutics is a product-focused company harnessing breakthroughs in brown fat biology and insulin sensitization to revolutionize the treatment of metabolic disease.
Adiponectin, the target of this drug discovery program, is a fat-derived hormone or 'adipokine' involved in biological processes such as glucose regulation and fatty acid metabolism and has been identified as a key protein that can prevent metabolic disease and associated complications such as diabetes and atherosclerosis.
A biological marker may have little or nothing to do with the causes of a disease, Small and Greenberg caution, although platelet abnormalities could indicate alzheimer's is a metabolic disease extending well beyond the brain.
GBI Research, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research, Metabolic Disorders Therapeutics Market to 2017 - Patent Expiry of Lipitor in 2011 will Negatively Impact Dyslipidemia Market Value, which provides insights into metabolic disease therapeutics until 2017.
s new report "The Pricing and Reimbursement Environment for Metabolic Disease Therapies" to their offering.
Biologics will enjoy 12 years of marketing exclusivity under the newly enacted regulatory pathway for biosimilars in the United States, and opportunities for developing and marketing biobetters and enzyme replacement therapies (ERTs; biologics based on therapeutic recombinant enzymes) are great in metabolic disease markets.
ZenBio announce that they will be a commercial source for the popular murine 3T3-L1 cell line, which has been fundamental in metabolic disease research for 30 years.
In addition, the Company is developing an oral ghrelin antagonist for the treatment of metabolic disease.
Elixir has filed multiple patents on its ghrelin antagonists, with claims that include composition of matter across several different chemical classes, as well as uses of these compounds in a variety of diseases of aging, including metabolic disease.