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The protein requirement for ruminants is expressed in terms of metabolisable protein (MP) to depict the true protein absorbed from the small intestine, including microbial protein from the rumen and UDP (National Research Council, 2007).
An investigation into the variability of extract viscosity of wheat-relationship with the content of non-starch-polysaccharide fractions and metabolisable energy for broiler chickens.
01 ESOM, enzyme soluble organic matter; ME, metabolisable energy; CON, control; OA, organic acid; ORE, origanum; CIN, cinnamon; ORECIN, origanum+cinnamon.
Factors responsible for slow sulfate and iron reduction include low dissolved sulfate concentration, lack of easily reducible iron, low content of easily metabolisable organic matter, adverse effect of acidity on the activity of microbes, and soil nutrient status (Ponnamperuma et al.
Calculating metabolisable energy requirement from pastures and complementary forage system for different herd sizes
Although the protein concentration in pea is lower than lupins, soybeans or oilseed meals, the metabolisable energy (ME) is generally higher [22].
Metabolisable energy (ME) contents were estimated according to the procedures of MAFF [19].
FTC1 is a fertiliser additive which, when used on maize, promotes growth and increases the starch and metabolisable energy content of the crop.
2] ratio towards N:O include low soil moisture, high nitrate concentrations, a lack of metabolisable carbon, and low soil pH.
9 ME, metabolisable energy; CP, crude protein; DM, dry matter; OM, organic matter; NDF, neutral detergent fiber; ADF, acid detergent fiber.
97 ME, kcal/kg 3271 3087 ME = Metabolisable energy Source: AOAC Table 2: Gross composition of experimental diet Ingredients T1(%) T2(%) T3(%) Maize 30.