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Genetic variations in the CYP2C19 gene can result in distinct drug metabolizing phenotypes leading to sub-optimal drug responses, such as drug toxicity, adverse drug reactions (ADRs), or inadequate therapeutic effect.
The addition of the Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters Module to PharmaPendium's existing content gives researchers a greater understanding and visibility of Drug-Drug Interactions (DDI) and their potential adverse reactions during critical stages of drug discovery and development.
The CYP2C19 enzyme is responsible for metabolizing a variety of prodrugs and drugs used to treat ulcers, seizures, malaria and anxiety.
ReproCELL's Representative Director and CEO, Chikafumi Yokoyama PhD commented, "We are pleased to see iPS cell-derived hepatocytes showing the highest level of quality ever seen, expressing the same qualities as that of primary human hepatocytes currently used by the pharmaceutical industry, including drug metabolizing enzyme activity.
Phase II detoxification enzymes (such as glutathione-S-transferases and quinone reductase), which are responsible for metabolizing the products of phase I metabolic reactions, degrade these reactive intermediates by conjugation or reduction reactions, thereby protecting cells from oxidative DNA damage.
The scientists discovered that the most stable and abundant PCBs found in human tissues activated PXR and induced expression of target genes for metabolizing the toxicants, producing a protective physiological reaction in rodents.
Genelex becomes the first company to enter the direct-to-consumer pharmacogenetics market, starting with a screen for the CYP2D6 drug metabolizing enzyme.
com), the company will now commence with a national television advertising campaign in order to widen even further the availability of this product formulated to assist the body in metabolizing blood sugar.
However, much of the planet-warming gas never makes it into the atmosphere because bacteria in these environments feed on it, metabolizing it into methyl alcohol.
MultiCell's immortalized human hepatocytes are pharma-tested cell lines proven useful for identifying drugs that increase CYP1A2 and CYP3A4 drug metabolizing enzymes.
Kalow discovered that a genetically based deficiency in the metabolizing enzyme pseudocholinesterase was responsible, and proceeded to describe the population incidence of the various alleles responsible for the deficiency.