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He said: "Combining data-driven video powered by smart metadata under the cover of every video asset, media companies are able to deliver their content to the viewers and understand the type of content they are watching.
The VMF SDK also provides a mechanism that allows metadata to be defined before using.
Metadata defines the structure of data in files and databases.
External schemas are schemas that define an XML vocabulary and syntax appropriate for use in conjunction with METS in its descriptive and administrative metadata contexts" (Library of Congress, 2011, METS Extenders).
Relatively small sets of metadata can be obtained from phones - the time and duration of calls, phone numbers and locations of callers and recipients, the serial number of the phones and calling cards used.
Of course, collecting and maintaining metadata can become very complex in very short order.
Simply put, media-centric metadata is big business.
Metadata can be broadly divided into two categories.
MIX can be used as an extension schema in a METS (Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard) document to include format-specific technical metadata about digital images in the administrative metadata section of METS.
Traditionally, metadata has been used to help people find data.
In the initial stage, our library scanned maps covering different parts of the world to organize them in different geographical regions and to test how browsing options worked on the Metadata Explorer's page.
Metadata is the key in this new world of geographic awareness.