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First I was a poet; now sold for a few pence as a lark; no doubt it was that accursed poetical nature which has metamorphosed me into such a poor harmless little creature.
In stark contrast, all juvenile males at high temperature metamorphosed and no adult males metamorphosed under any condition.
At the same time the iridescent mother-of-pearl pigment that Bucher rubbed into these smaller skinnings gave them a purplish or silvery sheen that metamorphosed solid, domestic detail into the forms and tones of the shells and fish scales that inspired the tiny collages she made in the mid-'50s.
Newly metamorphosed frogs (5-8 g) are harvested from tadpole ponds and stocked in tanks with circulating water until resorption of the tail is complete.
The contemporary dance program opened with choreographer Kevin O'Day's Sting/ING Situations, a marvel of intricate, densely layered choreography that had PBT's dancers undulating, bouncing, leaning, and flowing into positions that metamorphosed out of O'Day's improvisation-influenced movement.
The final sign that Hatch has metamorphosed into a social-issue moderate came last week when he decided not only to support human cloning for research, but also to help lead the charge for it with Sen.
Eleven Emperor newts (Tylototriton shanjing) have metamorphosed this year and their parents can now be seen on exhibit.
Not only did the young mollusks stop swimming, but when they metamorphosed into their adult form, many exhibited shell and foot defects.
He married at an early age and became a widower only months later, a loss that metamorphosed the affable and pleasant young man into an impetuous character.
2) Castiglione, in fact, metamorphosed his own self when he adapted the persona of his wife in a poem about Raphael's portrait of him, in which she spoke of her husband's image as if Castiglione were alive in it, as if Raphael were the very type of Ovid's Pygmalion in bringing him to life?
At once a sociopolitical fable and a love story, the novel is narrated from a mud puddle by a masseuse in a beauty parlor who has metamorphosed into a pig and whose increased appetite for food and sex leads to a series of bizarre, often farcical, escapades.