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After swimming and feeding in the plankton for at least several weeks, the veliger larvae become competent to metamorphose (Pechenik, 1990); that is, they become capable of metamorphosing in response to specific external cues such as adult pheromone and microbial films (Pechenik, 1980; Pechenik and Heyman, 1987; McGee and Targett, 1989; Pechenik and Gee, 1993).
Harry shoves himself into the center of the movie early on, metamorphosing into a scary tempest within the banal but nicely rendered teapot of a middle-class family on summer holiday.
As Sinatra croons, "I've Got You Under My Skin" Carlson struts like a showgirl who seems to be metamorphosing into a real bird.
Because Ovid does not actually describe the transformation in the Fasti, Botticelli visualizes it by referring to the myth of Apollo and Daphne, thus metamorphosing one Ovidian myth into another as Zephyr plays Apollo to Chloris's Daphne.