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Spitzer notes the incongruity between structuralist twentieth-century analytical methods and the metaphorical qualities of embodiment and self-reflection in romantic music.
Fittingly, the most potent imagery in Varick Frissell's film amplifies these ideas in both literal and metaphorical terms.
SR: I've always been interested in the theme of frontiers--frontiers both metaphorical and literal.
Metaphorical verbal instruction was compared to specific verbal instruction about movement in the modeling of sequential dance skills by young children.
The last example is the more famous Idea del Theatro (Venice, 1550), a description of the complex utopian project of universal knowledge, alchemic transmutation, and human deification suggested by the orator, poet, and kabbalist Giulio Camillo Delminio: the analogical net of elements--which here is made up according to the composing principle from the cosmogony and put in a real, mental, and metaphorical space--represents the highest interaction of memoria and inventio as well as one of the most radical experiments of knowledge per signa.
284), but it is not strictly true that, as McCanles goes on to say, "he cannot grasp the metaphorical, fictive existence of Amadis of Gaul and Orlando, but takes the verbal heterocosms in which they dwell as literal histories.
One paradoxical effect of the cognitive turn in metaphor studies has been the neglect of the linguistic analysis of metaphorical language.
It is highly metaphorical, consciously styled, and imagistic.
Dr Lakoff is widely recognized for his groundbreaking research as the leading expert in the field of framing ideas and language and in research on metaphorical thought and the metaphorical language that expresses largely non-conscious metaphorical thought.
Metaphor is considered a cognitive mechanism and is differentiated from metaphorical language, that is, the instantiation of conceptual metaphor.
Since pain indicates that something is wrong with human body, the language becomes a unique instrument to signal pain verbally and indicate its location as well as intensity by means of metaphorical expressions.
One of the most recent and interesting types of metaphors in advertising are those involving three-dimensional (henceforth 3D) metaphorical objects in street marketing campaigns, that is, unconventionally creative objects displayed--often unexpectedly out of context--on public places with the intention of catching the passers-by's attention and interest.