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Thus, the paper sets out to examine metaphorical pain expressions of the human facial parts in Lithuanian and English and elaborate the conceptual structure of pain encoded in the two languages.
So begins Kwame's metaphorical journey into the history of his people.
metaphorical language has a number of attributes that facilitate communication about God.
And this is just what Lossau is after: this tension between Conceptual and Minimalist approaches to sculpture and the metaphorical reach that has been a major part of what sculpture is about.
The success of Nathan's metaphorical identification of David with the rich man in the story is seen in David's self-disgust.
Likewise, it is the standard view among cognitive linguists that enduring patterns of metaphorical thought, commonly referred to as conventional conceptual metaphors, are frequently motivated, or grounded, by image schemas (such as SOURCE--PATH--GOAL, UP/DOWN, FORCE), which are universal patterns of experience of the human body and its interaction with the world (Johnson 1987, 2005; Lakoff--Johnson 1999).
Written by a nurse practitioner for pediatric health and medical professionals trained in hypnotherapy and child development, this therapy guide and collection of children's stories uses metaphorical animal stories to address anxiety, habit disorders, pain management and other applications of hypnosis such as sleeping problems, non-epileptic seizures, foster care, and depression.
Kelle attacks the thorny problems of reading Hosea 2 by focusing on its metaphorical language and rhetoric.
as convention returns and as the building's metaphorical bubbles burst.
So it's been hard to write an agenda for black America without having to both name its enemies and call for direct confrontation with The Powers That Be, thereby putting them in the metaphorical (if not literal) line of fire.
Creatively authored by Ioanna Karystiani and expertly translated by Michael Eleftheriou, The Jasmine Isle is a conceptual and metaphorical tale of contemporary Greek literature.
The brainchild of Jim Robertson, a parishioner and lawyer, Altarwalk is a liturgical sculpture consisting of nine stations, each of them with a reflective reading and a metaphorical illustration of a theme.