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It is within this amphitheater that the justice of Manator is meted, then?
He had had some experience of white men in the past and knew that dire were the punishments meted to those who wronged the white man's women.
A more immediate lesson, however, was impressed on the minds of the people by the punishment meted out to the Kansas militia.
Stern justice was meted out by these organized avengers, but most remarkable was their passionless and judicial procedure.
This was the clause--and no one who reads it can fail, I think, to agree with me that it meted out equal justice to all parties.
A higher Judge had taken the matter in hand, and Jefferson Hope had been summoned before a tribunal where strict justice would be meted out to him.
issued in Srinagar said that Mushtaq Ahmed Lone, a resident of Bijbehara area, was on hunger strike since the past fifteen days to protest against the ill-treatment meted out to him by the jail authorities.
NEW DELHI -- Pakistan sided with India on the row over the treatment meted out to senior diplomat Devyani Khobragade in the US and said such treatment should not be meted to any official of another country.
The incident was missed by referee Lee Probert and his assistants but retrospective punishment was meted out by the FA and the player picked up a threematch ban.
The punishment was also meted out to another couple during the event in the city of Jantho.
He said the brutal treatment meted out to a young member of his family by the Lahore Police was conducted at the behest of Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif, adding that his family had always upheld the values of decency and co-existence in politics.
THE Assembly Government has clarified its position on the subsidy penalties meted out to Welsh farmers - some pounds 2m last year alone.