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If the merger is granted, the minimum work program (MWP) for the New Phase I would have a total meterage drilled requirement of 33,102 meters, of which GSPC informed DGH that as at September 17, 2007 a total of 33,224 meters had been drilled, and as such the MWP for the New Phase I would have been completed.
This means that considerably more meterage can be loaded into one container--an important consideration when shipping pipes worldwide.
Other growth areas in terms of booked square meterage are the Technology pavilion and the Americas, which are up 34 per cent and 31 per cent respectively.
For double the square meterage that I'd looked at in France, it would only cost pounds 31,200.
In this case, a diamond drill programme was outlined in two hours with meterage, drill locations, azimuths, and dips, and sections plotted.
The Director General also cited the hundred percentage coverage with meterage of household water supply in 180 villages, which he said had proved sustainable.
Fuel efficiency is a key yardstick for drilling performance these days, with all of the major manufacturers focusing hard on achieving greater drill meterage from each liter or gallon of diesel.
This facility varies in price according to the square meterage of the area needing attention but G&S provide customers with a no-obligations free estimate.
These bits of 159 x 95 mm had an impregnated depth of 12 mm and one bit has drilled over 283 mm in 214 hours and still has useful meterage left.
Contract Awarded for Printing costs- Copy meterage ** Estimate of annual charges **
A total of 35 RC drill holes have been planned for a combined meterage of 7,000m.