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Batching of materials systems and in-line feeding of metered dry fillers available on foam and elastomer systems.
In cases where a building is still on frontage and stores are metered properly, the commercial meters, while being read and billed by the DEE are called branch meters.
Rothschild helped out a number of building owners by analyzing their water costs as a courtesy about three years ago and saw that there was a need for a full-time specialist to help determine whether savings would be realized by switching to metered billing.
Data from demand, TOU, and reactive metered accounts can be collected efficiently and reliably as part of the regular mobile reading route -- taking AMR system functionality to a higher level.
The USPS initiated the IBIP standards as a digital solution for reducing mail fraud, increasing levels of metered mail and making mail delivery more efficient for users.
The contract provides PGE with a comprehensive approach to complete meter data management, including: remote metering, high-volume data warehousing and management for metered data; ABB's market-leading ALPHA(R) electronic meters; ALPHA STARS(TM) communications software and hardware for accessing data remotely from the meter; an interface with Whisper Communications' e-Telemetry network management software and other PGE enterprise systems; and the ability to add a variety of communications services in the future based on PGE's needs.