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Complete line of meter, mix and dispense along with accompanying automation capabilities.
FlexNet, a radio frequency (RF) fixed network utility meter reading system designed to increase meter reading efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and enhance customer service, is now available to the electricity and combination utilities.
Commercial Meters--Commercial meters cover stores, businesses and professional offices.
In a transfer and meter system, transfer pumps instead of metering pumps are located in the ram/follow plate assemblies.
For a large conventional mirror, shaping and grinding take years, and the time and expense of this step posed another hindrance to planning mirrors bigger than 5 meters.
This AMR system specifically indicates if meters and/or valves are broken.
Photo: Monroe's DeAndre Phillips, left, outfinishes Poly's Julius Roberts to win the 100 meters in 11.
While owners are on frontage they are not realizing that the I-Mon meter, (I-Monitor is the status that a meter is in while the property continues to be billed on frontage) has malfunctioned and is no longer registering.
Purchase and installation of smart meters may also qualify for reimbursement offered through NYSERDA's Peak-Load Reduction Program, PON 733-02 (http://www.