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00 Lei Pentruasigurarea Financial Resources Necessary for Financing the Investment Objective of Local Interest Developed in the Commune Metes
Subdividing the land; metes and bounds and rectangular survey systems.
He also said that Iran`s gas swap with Azerbaijan and Nikhchivan stands at 1 million cubic metes daily.
Under the terms of the city charter, the chief has the power to discipline officers for wrongdoing, but the Officer Board of Rights can overturn any punishment the chief metes out.
Claustrophobic and windowless, it made one feel as though lost inside a real government bureaucracy, which metes out death by drab repetition and administrative protocol.
If an approved body or state board metes out any other sanction, as a disciplinary measure, the member would be subjected to an appropriate sanction based on sanctioning guidelines developed by the PEEC and approved by the AICPA Board of Directors.