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The quarterly survey of SME owners and managers showed that 20% of firms in the region depend on personal finance, making it the most commonly used method of business funding, closely followed by asset finance, which is the main form of funding used by 18% of those surveyed.
HR executives who use video at work will prefer video collaboration over email as their top method of business communication within three year, according to a recent global survey.
The GrowthWheel[R] method of business coaching provides an easy-to-understand perspective on starting and growing a business.
Ilham al-Hameed, Head of SME Credit and Marketing at BankMuscat said that organizing the workshop aims at supporting the Omani youths and assisting them while beginning their business not only through financing programmes or banking facilities provided by BankMuscat, but rather through developing their skills on the method of business management in the future and providing necessary consultancy to set up individual enterprises in a manner that ensures success and continuity.
The new, monthly, online publication One Source is the latest method of business support issued by BLWM and part of the commitment to provide businesses across the region with up-to-date information and latest news.
Email has become the number one method of business communication, exceeding even the telephone in importance within an organization.
The software features the "optimization" method of business valuation to determine the optimum fair market value of any business operation or income property.
He said: "I consider this method of business highly dubious.
Since e-mail is now our primary method of business communication, we needed a system that would compliantly capture, store and manage all transactional and other e-mail content.
Franchising is a method of business expansion where a company, the franchisor, has developed a successful business formula and then grants the rights to other parties, the franchisee, to operate that business under licence in other locations.
As a method of business development, franchising has never been more popular but I'm concerned that not enough North-East businesses are looking at it as a way of development.

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