method of communication

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The method of communication between these two was remarkable in that no spoken words were exchanged.
It had been, of course, impossible for me to communicate with her since she had no auditory organs and I no knowledge of her fourth-dimension, sixth-sense method of communication.
According to Delivering the Benefits Message, a research brief issued by Prudential, group meetings and seminars are still considered the most successful method of communication regarding employee benefits, with 74 percent of employers using them with great to moderate success.
The failure is surely not whether residents have either not read or not received this newsletter but rather the method of communication used to inform them of "such a major and contentious issue".
Every region of Britain apart from the north and Scotland selected email as their top method of communication, the study by YouGov found.
As the use of social media within companies increases, with different industries beginning to approach the method for their own marketing and networking use, businesses are facing an increasing amount of pressure to ensure that their presence online is as proficient as it can be, as it has recently been claimed that social media is set to become the preferred method of communication amongst businesses by the year 2014.
The novel, based loosely on historic events, reportedly conveys an accurate measure of "The Code," a cryptic and closely-guarded method of communication for runaway slaves.
Among younger entrepreneurs, email has replaced the telephone as the preferred method of communication, the Vodafone poll of more than 1,100 British business people said.
Mobiles are the most common method of communication in the country.
The use of e-mail and instant messaging from PC to PC also proved to be a successful method of communication.
This standardized method of communication uses standard network variable types to set or change various outputs such as relative humidity in the space or duct and allows building automation systems to monitor output variables such as room and duct RH readings, steam output, and service information.