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Friedman is neither a philosopher of science nor a professional methodologist, but someone forced to deal with methodological choices in his substantive work.
Barry Schouten, PhD, is Senior Methodologist in the Division of Methodology and Quality at Statistics Netherlands.
He also has a reputation as an Agile evangelist, specializing in SCRUM, eXtreme programming methodologies, and is a certified SCRUM Master and Practitioner, as well as a recognised Test Methodologist.
The study was led by George Ioannidis, a health research methodologist in the Michael G.
Leffingwell is a renowned software development methodologist, author, and software team coach; during the past five years he has applied his experience to the implementation of agile methods at scale with entrepreneurial teams as well as distributed, multinational corporations.
Link, PhD, formerly with the CDC and now chief methodologist and vice president, Methodological Research at The Nielsen Company; Ali H.
Scott is also seen as an evangelist, specializing in SCRUM and eXtreme programming methodologies and is a certified SCRUM Master and Practitioner, as well as a recognised Test Methodologist.
The public health urgency surrounding the issue of obesity means that any intervention that might possibly affect real-life health should be considered," said Elizabeth Dean, research survey methodologist at RTI and the study's lead author.
Evaluation Methodologist upon completion of the Inception Workshop;
A certified SCRUM Master and Practitioner and a recognised Test Methodologist, Ray Scott led one of the largest Agile projects in the US as well as a range of Development and Quality System implementations in the areas of finance (security, wholesale and retail), healthcare, media, logistics and entertainment.
A veteran qualitative methodologist, Mayan (women's and children's health, U.

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