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True survey methodology can test product concept, but only attitudinally.
For research analysts, interpreting data sometimes resembles an artisan's touch rather than the clear methodology of numbers.
It is important to decide who will determine the methodology used, what factors will be included in the methodology, what assumptions will be used and how the results will be used.
Louis researchers have set out to apply the same methodology to middle-sized and smaller libraries.
Martha Graham and Bournonville incorporated bits of their dances into classwork to develop a methodology as they prepared their students for the repertoire, should they become company members.
The methodology paired property-specific cash flow analysis with global assumptions relating to strategies for dealing with borrowers.
In the object-oriented methodology used in this research(1) [3], requirements are specified using a series of lists.
The methodology of the RAND Corporation relies on the group judgment of a panel of nine that is sent a literature review composed by a RAND staff member.
4] Under the current priority of methods, the agents would not take into account the fact that the parent company has an apparently reasonable cost-plus methodology, since this method has a lower priority that the resale price method.

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