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As the overall investment in the healthcare infrastructure continues to grow, Meticulous Research keeps a track of key growth drivers, challenges, and sector trends and provides the perfect platform for companies trying to augment sales and increase their market share in healthcare and diagnostic infrastructure.
With concerted and meticulous effort to develop, test and bring to market new perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology that would stand up to or exceed the reliability expectations of current longitudinal recording technology, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi) has achieved its goal by shipping today the most reliable and technically-advanced(1) 2.
com)-- The latest report published by Meticulous Research “Global Life science & Chemical instrumentation market by Technology, End-users, & Geography with market analysis & forecast from 2013-2018” analyzes the major drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges that have a long and short-term impact on the growth of the global life science & chemical instrument market.
A scrutiny so meticulous as to resemble a documentary, Another Future is especially recommended reading for students of modern poetry.
Holder's meticulous renderings of animals, birds, insects, traditional religious symbols, gardens, wildlands, and distant castles transform this picturebook into an inherently impressive work of inspired and inspiring art.
The meticulous account of the riots seems well researched and offers insight into this historically perilous time.
Acting as memento mori were Lucy Puls' Matrona cum Umbraculum, 1991, a cubed matron in shaded, shattered lucite (novelist Kevin Killian wrote in his exhibition essay that it attained the "nobility of repair"); Nayland Blake's perversely meticulous rows of a month's worth of daily apple cores preserved in vodka; and Kevin Radley's freestanding memorial column, covered from base to capital with counting marks and inscribed with the plea "How Many More Times.
com)-- The new market research report published by Meticulous Research, “Global Healthcare Analytics Market - By Application (Clinical Analytics, Financial Analytics, Administrative Analytics, Operational Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Health Information Exchange and Research Analytics); By Component (Hardware, Software and Services); By Delivery Modes (On -Premises, Cloud based, Web based); By End User (Hospitals-payers and providers) and by Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, RoW), with Industry Analysis, Market Size, Market Share, Market trends, Company profiles, Competitive Advantage and market Forecast to 2021.
The Story Of V: A Natural History Of Female Sexuality by science writer Catherine Blackledge is a methodical, meticulous discussion of female sexual organs and their role in sexual pleasure, reproduction, and myth throughout history.
In reality they were meticulous engineers and meticulous researchers who, far from merely building the first airplane, did more than anyone else to further the science of aerodynamics.
Toshio Shibata's landscape photographs are perhaps most extraordinary for their startling sense of scale, their meticulous, indeed excruciating detail.
The result of this meticulous attention to detail is a reliable, traceable and reproducible system that delivers the highest quality services to their customers.