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The New Art Gallery is built from a limited palette and meticulously detailed yet without fetishizing the detail.
The 32-year-old McDean, who assisted London-based photographer Nick Knight for two years before venturing out on his own, still works sporadically for the British youth culture magazine i-D, but his meticulously printed pictures have begun to appear with regularity in Harper's Bazaar, W magazine, and various European editions of Vogue.
Neil Young meticulously has logged his work over the years.
More fascinating even than Richard Plantagenet's rise and fall is the meticulously researched background material, which pictures life among the European royals in the late 15th and early 16th centuries.
In all, they've landed nearly 38,000 specimens--representing 254 species--and meticulously tallied how many had empty stomachs.
The strength of the volume, however, is in the essays on Beckford as a collector and the catalogue entries for these virtuoso pieces are meticulously detailed.
Meticulously researched with numerous quotes, Struggle Over The Modern perfectly captures the evolution of an intense artistic and cultural clash.
It and offers a combination of meticulously designed loft-style homes in the heart of Long Island City's hottest waterfront community.
The Designed Self is a meticulously presented scholarly study which is especially recommended to the attention of academic library Psychology Studies reference collections and adolescent/young adult psychotherapy supplemental reading lists.
From the "Six Stigma" approach; to employee retention issues, to diverse analysis frameworks, to "The Future of Linkage Research", this compendium of superbly organized and presented information is as meticulously competent and "user friendly".
Scarpa condenses conventional categories -- sketch, working, shop and presentation drawings -- onto single sheets with meticulously drafted orthographic projections worked and reworked in many freehand layers and surrounded by sketches of perspective views and construction details.
In Ox's version of Schwitters' noise poem, each utterance (or, for that matter, the silences between them) had been meticulously interpreted in her paintings as a combination of dissected, reassembled images and solid bands of brilliant cadmium hues.