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I started out as a woolly liberal tenderly folding neck scarves and labelling bags and boxes with the meticulousness of a museum curator.
One title notes that the bottle held exactly 861 milliliters of water--precision suggesting the precariousness of these contraptions, the meticulousness needed to produce a satisfactory outcome.
Rusinko quotes Roman Jakobson on the fact that 'in the whole East Slavic world, there is hardly any other marginal area whose past has been examined with such affectionate meticulousness and scholarliness as Subcarpathian Rus" (p.
As with "Fawlty Towers," the show's smoothness and richly realized characters clearly emanate from a similar meticulousness displayed by star Gervais and director Merchant.
Longtime supporters say they are drawn to his integrity and intelligence, though his meticulousness can be maddening.
In his systematic experiments with color--influenced, like much Venezuelan work of the 1950s and '60s, by the practices of geometric abstraction then being reconsidered in postwar Paris--Carlos Cruz-Diez betrays the meticulousness of a scientist or a technician.
The attention to detail and the meticulousness of the argument seem to be almost goals in themselves.
Tapping in to primal fears of professional ineptitude and social rejection with an almost sadistic meticulousness, "The Forest for the Trees" is a precisely modulated first film about an idealistic young educator ostracized for her lack of teaching skills and civil graces.
Murphy paints these mostly small images with a kind of washy and monochromatic indifference that purposefully eschews things like meticulousness and verisimilitude for a brushy and detached casualness that can at first lull one into seeing these images as trivial.