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Answering the call for personalized, professional learning for educators, Metiri Group's research has informed the release of a new learning platform.
4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Metiri Group today released Learning Revolution, a new personalized, online, professional learning platform for educators.
This work in entrepreneur-readiness is a natural progression from our work with 21st Century skills," reflects Cheryl Lemke, Metiri Group's CEO.
In this web seminar, research firm Metiri Group and DreamBox Learning shared how intelligent adaptive learning works, the role the technology can play in raising student achievement, and the research base required for districts to invest wisely in these new tools.
Cheryl Lemke: DreamBox Learning commissioned the Metiri Group to develop a paper on the theoretical underpinnings of intelligent adaptive learning.
As such, the specific 21st century KSAs described and incorporated here are based primarily on the work of the Metiri Group, the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.
enGauge 21st Century Skills: Literacy in the Digital Age Los Angeles, CA: Metiri Group.
Melting a pattern of grooves in the form of the Fibonacci spiral into the shiny surface of a rectangular panel of amber polystyrene for metiri, Panchal references both Renaissance and modernist pursuits of harmonious design.
2:429: "Quantum ego sentio, 'linea est spatium ipsum loci sed intelligendi gratia in modum linee atramento ducte, apud animum figurata vel in re corporea, ut calamo penicillove adumbrata, quo commodius id de quo agimus metiri possimus.
To fully understand the effect of ubiquitous computing on mathematics and science education, researchers in SRI's Center for Education Policy are teaming with several well-known institutions in the technology and learning field, including the University of Virginia, the University of Minnesota, The Metiri Group, Kent State University, ROCKMAN ET AL, and EDC's Center for Children and Technology.
Hakke's team included Brad Jupp, senior advisor to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Cheryl Lemke, CEO of The Metiri Group.
UK -- Keith Krueger, CEO, CoSN -- Ken Kay, President, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, e-Luminate Group -- Cheryl Lemke, CEO, Metiri Group -- Barbara S.