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TON. Twenty hundred weight, each hundred weight being one hundred and twelve pounds avoirdupois. See act of congress of Aug. 30, 1842, c. 270, s. 20.

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The average monthly average for the material reached US$19,600 per metric ton in January, up by US$1,517 per metric ton from the previous month's average of US$18,100.
The nickel inventories on the London Metals Exchange declined from around 35,000 metric tons at the beginning of the year to around 6,000 metric tons this fall.
91 percent as about 133,2761 metric ton of spices worth US$ 138.
Remaining components of the project, with a total weight of 30,500 metric tons (33,620 tons), are under construction at the Bushehr Farasahel Factory.
The company shipped 61,500 metric tons of deformed bars, 31,000 metric tons of H-beams, and 47,500 metric tons of wire rods in June.
During the period under review, 53,260 metric ton of Basmati rice worth US$ 50.
Initially, the plant has been producing decorative glass for landscaping, which sells for about $90 to $110 per metric ton.
27 percent as during the period under review about 237 metric tons of the commodity worth US$ 239,000 exported as compared the exports of 135 metric tons worth of US$ 129,000 of same period of last year.
However, output will be around 25 million metric tons less than the potential figure, in light of the tight supply of raw materials.
Similarly, the department has procured 234822 metric ton wheat so far across the division, including 73403 ton from Multan, 34539 ton from Lodhran, 61984 ton from Vehari and 64895 metric ton wheat from Khanewal district so far, the sources added.
However, during month of March wheat exports from the country was recorded at zero as against the exports of 200 metric ton of the month of February, 2017.
A scrap trader based in Shanghai told Reuters that while international suppliers were asking for $850 to $900 per metric ton, for the "sabot" grade, Chinese importers were not willing to pay more than $780 to $800 at present.