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She and her secret stayed ten days longer in the deserted Metropolis visiting the scenes they were to know so well later on.
But, in the first place, New York was a metropolis, and perfectly aware that in metropolises it was "not the thing" to arrive early at the opera; and what was or was not "the thing" played a part as important in Newland Archer's New York as the inscrutable totem terrors that had ruled the destinies of his forefathers thousands of years ago.
Below him he looked to see the teeming metropolis of Ptarth.
It was dated from Ashby Park, where she was come to settle down at last, having previously divided her time between the continent and the metropolis.
Southward, with low funnel belching forth fire and smoke into the blackness of the night, the huge engine, with its solitary saloon carriage and guard's brake, thundered its way through the night towards the great metropolis.
Haarlem, -- just as her neighbour, Leyden, became the centre of science, and her queen, Amsterdam, that of commerce, -- Haarlem preferred to be the agricultural, or, more strictly speaking, the horticultural metropolis.
The metropolis of Great Britain is, in certain respects, like no other metropolis on the face of the earth.
The next morning we went to see a favorite object of American interest, in the metropolis of England--the Tower of London.
But if we compare these species where they intermingle, they are generally as absolutely distinct from each other in every detail of structure as are specimens taken from the metropolis inhabited by each.
Even such a little garden as this was considered in the metropolis of Copenhagen as a great luxury.
Sir Joseph disliked London, and could not prevail on himself to live any nearer to the metropolis than Muswell Hill.
By which the reader may perceive (a circumstance which we have not thought necessary to communicate before) that this was the very time when the late rebellion was at the highest; and indeed the banditti were now marched into England, intending, as it was thought, to fight the king's forces, and to attempt pushing forward to the metropolis.

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