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They, along with Metropolitan plant manager Glen Murray, helped design and install the system.
Another significant contract has Metropolitan Paper Recycling collecting material from a government contract serving four of New York's five boroughs.
Additionally, the company's crew of drivers and fleet of 35 trucks have multiple stops on the 18 daily routes they run throughout the New York City metropolitan area.
Another service Metropolitan Paper Recycling offers is trash pickup and disposal.
Once scrap paper is in hand at the Metropolitan Paper Recycling plant, there is certainty that it will find a home at a consuming destination.
In addition to the Potential Industries arrangement that sees municipally collected fiber head to export markets, Metropolitan Paper works closely with other buyers who provide homes for its secondary fiber.
In 1685 the dissident bishop of Lutsk, Gedeon Chetvertynsky, submitted himself to the patriarchate of Moscow and was designated metropolitan of Kiev.
Through the pastoral efforts of Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky (1865-1944), the great servant of God who heroically pastured his flock in his homeland and pursued his people throughout the vastness of Ukraine and even Russia and across the oceans, a new hierarchy was established to provide for the spiritual and pastoral needs of these people.
These new ecclesiastical formations went through their own evolution and were finally established as distinct metropolitan sees in North America and eparchies or exarchates in the other countries of the diaspora, such as Argentina and Brazil.
Metropolitan Andrew died November 1, 1944, during the second Soviet communist occupation of Ukraine (the first one was in 1920).