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Renewing and ordering prescriptions has been automatic, or nearly so, for a decade now thanks to carbon-based microchip implants.
The Food and Drug Administration endorses microchip implants despite credible evidence that they may cause cancer.
Data on all microchip implants are maintained at CUHA, says Cowulich, but they are not the official records.
Pet identification by photos, written descriptions, microchip implants or DNA samples to avoid deceptive caretakers switching animals.
For another view of microchip implants, see the Technology trend "Microchip Implants Closer to Reality" (October 1999).
She was invited to ISTAS 2010 to present her peer-reviewed academic research paper on the subject of animal microchip implants titled "Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990-2006.
The details on the microchip implants will be entered into a database, which will help people re-unite with their pets in case they are lost.
There is no evidence that microchips can cause cancer in canines, indeed in cases of tumours in the vicinity of microchip implants, none of the cases studied have concluded that the implant was in any way the cause.
The animals were not wearing collars or any form of identification but police are having them scanned for microchip implants.
SOME customers are willing to have microchip implants as a means of paying in stores, according to a new report.
REPLACING credit cards with microchip implants could enable shoppers to walk out with coded goods which would then be charged to their account - adding to convenience and avoiding the need for bank cards which can be lost or stolen.