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Vets can also insert a microchip implant at a reasonable cost, which can be scanned to trace the owner.
Kristina Narfstrom, a University of Missouri, Columbia, veterinary ophthalmologist, has been working with a microchip implant to help blind animals "see.
Dan, an Old English sheepdog, was identified by its microchip implant.
Each microchip implant is about the size of a grain of rice, with a unique verification number, which is captured through the use of a proprietary scanner.
offers a way to identify livestock that is more secure than ear-tagging and less invasive than a microchip implant.
He also suggests domestic cats should be required to be registered, preferably with a microchip implant.
It is planned that a minimal charge - the dog licence was only 37p when it was abolished in 1987 - will cover the cost of the microchip implant, which carries the owner's and pet's details, and fund the wardens.
REPLACING credit cards with microchip implants could enable shoppers to walk out with coded goods which would then be charged to their account - adding to convenience and avoiding the need for bank cards which can be lost or stolen.
New proposals would replace quarantine with microchip implants, allowing owners to take pets to most European countries without having to put them in isolation for six months when they return.
Electronics engineer, Arthur Rapos of the Elektra company, believes biometric mapping will eventually lead to microchip implants in humans.
A system of microchip implants to help return lost dogs to their owners was also started.
Agriculture Minister Nick Brown will today announce a radical overhaul of quarantine laws, with plans to use "pet passports" and microchip implants in the battle against rabies.