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Exhibit 1: Global Caliper and Micrometer Market 2011-2015 (US$ million)
Micrometers are the most accurate hand measuring tools we mortals can buy.
Additionally, the Mitutoyo High-Accuracy Digimatic[R] Micrometer supports output to measurement data applications such as MeasurLink[R], Mitutoyo's proprietary statistical-processing and process-control program which performs statistical analysis and provides real-time display of measurement results for SPC applications.
The average coating thickness on one set of mold halves initially was 71-76 micrometers and 29-31 micrometers after 15 pours, while the figures for the other set of mold halves initially were 43-48 micrometers and 30-33 micrometers after 15 pours.
As capabilities of the tomography systems have increased, it has now become possible to obtain such images with a resolution better than one micrometer per voxel (image element), at facilities such as the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France (8).
Most permanent mold foundries use compressed air spray guns at reduced pressure (about 30 psi) to atomize the slurry as droplets of 100-200 micrometers ([micro]) in diameter.
com/catalog/search/TablePage/17841436), Ascentis Express provides the high efficiency based benefits of sub-2 micrometer particles but at a much lower backpressure.
2] It includes a transduction system with optical scales and readers with a resolution of 1 micrometer.
These micrometer sized rings and discs, patterned out of cobalt thin-films, are the basis for new types of nonvolatile, magnetic random access memories, and the SEMPA measurements provided the first images of various magnetic structures occurring in the magnets.
The Micro-Adjustable tool is available with either a single cutter and a single adjustment micrometer, a double cutter with a single adjustment micrometer (both cutters move together when adjusted) or a double cutter with a dual adjustment (each micrometer independently adjusts one cutter).
In this example, only the CMM and micrometer have a repeatability error less than the 0.