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Investigating the surface chemistry of several commercially available microscope slides (which are referred to as "hydrophobic" due to their water-repulsing characteristics) and slides which were "hydrophilic" in nature, we compared the ability of hydrophobic and hydrophilic slides in two functional areas common in IHC: tissue retention and reagent dispersal.
Based in part on the literature noted above, we assumed the major discrepancy rate between the original diagnosis and the microscope slide review diagnosis would be 3%.
When I found skillfully prepared Victorian-era microscope slides listed under the category "Folk Art" in an antique dealer's online catalog, it led not only to my acquiring them but also to the beginning of a journey involving Internet and library research, trips to herbaria, field collecting excursions, and, finally, to the development of a PowerPoint lecture for community college biology students.
For example, using our microscope slide targets with 2 fmol of oligonucleotides, we obtained signal-to-noise (S/N) ratios of ~4.
As the acknowledged curators of vast archives of microscope slides, paraffin blocks, and cytology smears, pathologists already have responsibility for these clinical biorepositories.
Thus, in a wide range of samples processed by the flow-based analyzers (for example, 15% to 50%, depending on the patient population), the preparation and review of a blood smear microscope slide is required.
The SureFocus slide is a high-grade glass microscope slide that is printed with a patent pending, crosshair-styled smear guide.
Conventional approaches for creating virtual slides have relied on a well-known technique called image tiling, which requires hours to capture and "stitch together" thousands of individual small regions from a microscope slide.
A-level student Pin Phu gets a close up look at a microscope slide of 'orange soil' during a week-long display of moon rocks and meteorites at the Josiah Mason College in Erdington.
They bonded the other end to a glass plate, akin to a microscope slide.
4, at 37 [degrees] C and pipetted onto a frosted glass microscope slide (Matsunami Glass Ind.
The exudate may then be collected and prepared for examination in one of three ways: 1) Draw lesion aspirates into the barrel of the needle with a tuberculin syringe and cap the needle (4); 2) touch a light microscope slide to the vesicle fluid; or 3) touch a 400-mesh, plastic-coated specimen grid directly to the base of the lesion (5).