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Several commercially available microscope slides were compared to slides that displayed hydrophilic characteristics.
There are approximately 42 pathologists at the main hospital, where in 2010 more than 109 000 surgical pathology cases were interpreted, amounting to more than 650 000 microscope slides.
Finding prepared microscope slides described as "folk art" sharply conflicted with my sense of the correct order of disciplines--particularly for items that I would reverently classify as the tools of scientists.
Virtual microscope slide technology also has the potential to aid hospitals in moving to comprehensive patient Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems - a transition that is already beginning in some areas of the world.
4m microscope slides, and shortage of storage space is a problem.
Purification of the oligonucleotides on microscope slides modified with gold and coated with PAMAM starburst dendrimers (24) allowed subsequent MALDI detection of the DNA compared with standard DNA purification methods in the conventional 200-nL scale (Figs.
Aperio develops tools for viewing, annotating, storing and analyzing scanned microscope slides, and is dedicated to establishing its ScanScope as the industry-standard slide-scanning platform.
The ScanScope is an innovative microscope slide scanner that for the first time makes it practical to digitize entire slides, creating a virtual slide environment for automated microscopic inspection in pathology, cytology, hematology and related fields.
Made by spreading unidentifiable substances on microscope slides then magnifying them greatly, the Smears speak directly to the physical constitution of the photograph and call into question all certainty about the photograph's referent.
The tardigrades (eggs or animals) are mounted individually in Hoyer's medium on separate microscope slides.
The onion root tips were fixed and lactic-acetic orcein squashes on microscope slides were made for cytogenetic study.
3 rectangular strips of stiff, shiny plastic (or 3 microscope slides or 3 mirrors all the same size), scissors, tape, black paper, a 7 cm (about 3 in.