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We previously published (3) the results of a large, intraobserver variability ("validation") study in which we compared diagnoses obtained by interpreting WSI versus microscope slides of previously interpreted primary surgical pathology cases after a minimum 1-year "washout" period.
Several commercially available microscope slides were compared to slides that displayed hydrophilic characteristics.
Finding prepared microscope slides described as "folk art" sharply conflicted with my sense of the correct order of disciplines--particularly for items that I would reverently classify as the tools of scientists.
4m microscope slides, and shortage of storage space is a problem.
We used gold PAMAM dendrimer microscope slides with amino or carboxyl coating.
Since virtual microcopy servers may come equipped with a set of instructional digital slides, it is a cost-effective way of distributing a standard set of microscope slides to students.
Aperio is dedicated to developing tools for viewing, annotating, storing and analyzing scanned microscope slides, and to establishing its ScanScope as the industry-standard slide-scanning platform.
To be valid, all of the following steps must be completed: a name must be published in a scientific journal, the name must be a binary Latin name, the organism must be described in Latin, the rank of the organism must be indicated, and the new species must be called by the term "typus or holotypus," and the specimen or microscope slides must be placed in a public holding (details are available from: URL: http:// www.
Preparations of washed sperm were standardized for concentration and then smears were made on microscope slides in a manner similar to that for blood smears.
Made by spreading unidentifiable substances on microscope slides then magnifying them greatly, the Smears speak directly to the physical constitution of the photograph and call into question all certainty about the photograph's referent.
The tardigrades (eggs or animals) are mounted individually in Hoyer's medium on separate microscope slides.
The onion root tips were fixed and lactic-acetic orcein squashes on microscope slides were made for cytogenetic study.