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Half that and add a bit either side and middle age is 30 to 50.
For example, people with no history of high blood pressure in middle age who had high diastolic blood pressure in old age were 50 percent more likely to have severe brain lesions than people with low diastolic blood pressure in old age.
Association of body mass index in early adulthood and middle age with future site-specific cancer mortality: The Harvard Alumni Health Study.
If you are one of the 50 million Generation Xers entering middle age, now is the perfect time to evaluate your insurance coverage and consider the future financial support your family may need when you are gone.
If gaining weight in middle age leads to health problems, then getting fat in childhood "might be far worse," he hypothesizes.
Another study found women who ate green leafy vegetables in middle age preserved more of their mental skills as they entered their 70s.
Maybe, she hopes, when her children hit middle age, they won't look in the mirror and see the error of their ways written upon their face as she does upon hers.
Research in the journal Heart suggests that while taking up regular drinking in middle age may confer some health benefits, the catch is it could almost double the risk of dying from cancer.
should know that life past middle age has become a lot more than passing the time," he said.
Asked why people forget in middle age, Weisman explains that we are losing our minds.
Middle age was defined as age 40 to 64 and old age as age 65 and older.
Middle age is harder to define nowadays, according to 80% of us, while 43% of over-50s say they have not experienced it yet, Benenden Health found.