middle point

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On the basis of the variations in wind velocity at different heights it is estimated that, from the middle point of the beach towards the foredune toe, the wind velocity within the 0.
4), we derive a new extrapolation formula at middle point [x.
Once negotiations are under way and the seller has thrown out an asking price and you have made an offer, the middle point is where most deals are made.
The convergence of the middle point displacement of a simple beam in sense of required mesh density for different values of initial axial force is shown in Fig.
The international airport--operated by state-run ECASA (Empresa Cubana de Aeropuertos y Servicios Aeronauticos SA)--was built in the 1970s and was originally intended to be a strategic defense airstrip facing the Caribbean Sea close to the middle point of Cuba and just a 30-minute flight from Havana and the Florida Straits.
With the correct experts involved in the handling of the restructuring along with the government's success in re-creating a marketplace for commercial real estate assets (a middle point where their plan will entice investors to buy these troubled assets) the pressure in the commercial real estate industry will alleviate and the flow of funds in this industry will start.
Where is the middle point between what is the fight against doping and what are human rights?
Because, the three selected places are located in such a manner that, Amadagur and Bommanahal are the two extreme mandals of the district, where as Garladinne is the middle point of the district.
The middle point, around 15 and 16, is where people have to recognise that on an individual basis there may be an opportunity which requires the provision of some alcohol in small amounts as part of the education children get on moderate consumption.
But an average is the middle point between highs and lows.
One of the ways of solution of the tasks, connected with application of plasma technology for kindling and stabilization of the pulverized-coal flame burning, is application of the multiarc plasma AC heaters with remote arcs [28-30], burning of which is directed at middle point in the plasma.
The body fluid absorbing component is formed in the crotch covering region with a first folding guide extending from a transversely middle point between transversely opposite side edges to respective side edges in the front waist covering region, making a V-shape.