middle position

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The colleges, which are, in fact, the intermediate ring between the cloister and the world, hold the middle position in the monumental series between the Hôtels and the abbeys, with a severity full of elegance, sculpture less giddy than the palaces, an architecture less severe than the convents.
It represents a middle position between pantheism and classical theism.
And it's clear he isn't in as good form playing on the right under Jurgen Klopp as he was at the start of the season in his preferred middle position.
Set the safety in the middle position (to allow bolt manipulation while locking the striker.
Forward is Fire (revealing a small red dot indicator); the middle position is Safe, preventing the trigger from firing but allowing the shooter to work the bolt to unload the rifle safely; and the rearward position blocks both the bolt and the trigger.
When you are given a hand like 10-6 in middle position, you are allowed to quickly dismiss the holding and know that your only task for the next few minutes is to observe the table action or check out the score of the basketball game on TV.
Each side makes a series of small compromises that inevitably ends in a middle position in which both parties typically feel unhappy because they gave or lost too much.
Transgender persons took up a middle position between both genders.
Nevertheless, I think that the question persists as to whether framing philosophy in such a middle position is really sufficient to sustain its progress.
The middle position provides semi-automatic operation and fully to the rear is safe.
They adopt a middle position between those of alarmists and skeptics concerning the potential of "cybered conflict" (a term they seek to introduce) to be a "game changer"--that is, to have a truly strategic impact--in the future security environment.
Countries that occupy a middle position in the global hierarchy can only strengthen their capacity to compete through the production of knowledge or by exporting a highly skilled labour force.