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In fact Goths or the Teutons were the nearest barbarian elements to the borders of Romanian Empire, thus they spread in the first and second century in the midmost of Europe and its east through the Rhine and Danube, but the first home for the Goths elements was the lands around the Baltic ocean.
Upon their first arrival at Delphi the chorus asks Ion in his capacity as the temple servant: 'Does Phoebus' temple truly stand upon Earth's midmost navel?
And within, the mistress, in the midmost of her youth.
Spring Outing: A Palindrome (in reverse) In the midmost harem she had deeply put an end to sighing; Distance of the road had come between herself and her impassioned parting.
The direct reference to Catullus occurs after the vision is disrupted by the arrival of an aggressive rival to Dolores: "From the midmost of Ida, from shady / Recesses that murmur at morn, / They have brought and baptized her, Our Lady, / A goddess new-born" (ll.
33) His lower-middle-but-upper-middle-class (if there is no middle-middle, and if that's the delusion, the typical half-hack "writer" is somehow forced to be "as if" midmost anyway, at the "heart of Midlothian" as Scott's wonderful popular melody has it) clerical work, and his choices, don't exempt him from judgment, I guess, but they leave an opening for us to stop judging him and try to identify him fairly.