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In fact, the weight acting at this midpoint would be 2 kg.
Actually, the dumbbell argument does not add significantly to our original midpoint argument, except that we may well now be convinced from our physical understanding that the balance point of the quadrilateral is unique.
On the second day, almost 20% of the firms appear to have no dispersion of quote midpoints in the first two hours and almost 30% exhibit that trait for the remainder of the day.
While the standard deviation of quote midpoints may be a good proxy for ex post value uncertainty, it is an absolute rather than a relative measure.
The first relative measure we examine is the standard deviation of return based on quote midpoints.
standard deviation of quote midpoints, standard deviation of midpoint returns, or the standardized standard deviation of quote midpoints) over various periods following the beginning of secondary market trading.
The count of extreme scores and midpoint scores for each respondent was cumulative across all items.
Next, response patterns were compared by cultural group to assess whether Hispanic subjects assigned extreme and midpoint scores differently than non-Hispanic subjects.
01, Table 2) between Hispanic and non-Hispanic respondents for extreme and midpoint response scores analyzed in combination.
Paton and Vaughan Williams conclude: "The midpoint of all quotes is a better forecast of the actual outcome in the bookings market than is the midpoint of the spread offered by the market outlier.
Expansion of total domestic nonfinancial debt appears to have been near the midpoint of its monitoring range for the year.
The midpoint is the central bank's base rate for the yuan to rise or fall by a maximum 1 percent against the dollar in a day.