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This also provides a migrational path from traditional circuit-switched services to new IP Centrex and enterprise voice services.
A complex array of migrational cues--including short and long range, diffusible and contact mediated molecules--help them to do this.
who will shatter the calm of the sculpture court with hundreds of wire-and-lingerie birds and insects hanging from the ceiling in migrational patterns (Oct.
And if it weren't for genetically implanted migrational instincts, I doubt any moose kids would go up there.
Most of these lesions arise as a consequence of migrational defects during thymic embryogenesis.
And those studies must look at the availability of forage, human impact, climate, predators, and migrational patterns.
The symbolism of some of the performances is quite obvious, in others obscured by time and migrational moves.
The five-day, 145-mile ride along rough four-wheel-drive roads, single-track trails, and slickrock follows a migrational route of the Anasazi people who vanished from the region about seven centuries ago.
These values suggest that, for the process, such migrational effects are insignificant, except for the screw extrusion part of the process.
The maples of Tulsa's Redbud Valley and environs show no migrational patterns.
Thus effective, well designed and cost effective protective waxes are, and always have been, essentially paraffinic in composition with a small but vital branched chain element having the desired migrational characteristics.
Net Insight's solutions are based on open standards for seamless inter-working with legacy equipment, enabling a migrational path to better services.