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Such elements are trying to get political milage by depriving poor workers of their livelihood, they said.
Mr Egan is a regular customer at his local garage - his car surpassed the milage threshold to have its first service after just three months on the road.
A CAR salesman from Rhondda Cynon Taf has been sent to prison for fraudulently changing the milage on the cars he sold.
Providing undeniable benefits with up-front costs, the most popular used vehicles are often found in meticulous condition with low milage.
He explained how each car was advertised on the Auto Trader website to entice prospective buyers, and MOT certificates and service papers with false stamps were issued to them to validate the false milage.
It would be grossly unfair to criticise him for claiming milage allowance as Ron travels a great many miles in his role as vice chair of the council representing not only the council but the people of Middlesbrough.
A Suzukai driver Muhammad Ajmal said he has noticed that his vehicles give different milage if he filled gas from the two different CNG stations.
If the Bugatti - with a milage of just 26,284 - reaches top estimates, it would be the most expensive car sold at auction.
Gas milage is estimated in the range of 14 city and 20 highway.
The month-long testing period in Salem will be followed by a yearlong test with 280 Portland participants using the technology to actually pay this new "vehicle milage tax" in place of the state gas tax when they fill up at participating gas stations.
United Airlines in association with Bank One has launched a new double miles scheme for its United Milage Plus members.
The number of priority routes remains unchanged but due to 'route optimisation' the total milage will be cut.