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Pale milds tend to have a lighter, more fruity aroma with gentle hoppiness.
Mild beer, which is sweeter and less strong than other ales, became the drink of choice for industrial workers in the factories, forges and foundries of Victorian and early 20th-century Britain.
Having said that, a mild ale with an alcohol content of just 3.
The club wants to promote mild as one of the oldest beer styles in the country and claim May is a great time of year to sample distinctive and tasty beer.
The MILDS system is presently undergoing an adaptation to meet specific requirements in a fighter environment.
DRINKERS in Rugby are being urged to take part in National Mild Day tomorrow.
The Anchor Brewing Company has announced the release of the second brew in the company's Zymaster specialty series, Mark's Mild.
The pub also won the Huddersfield Camra Mild Pub of the Year 2011 award.
Their delicious and tasty milds are in much demand and command respect.
MILD beer, once classified as an endangered brew, has made a big comeback, with more than 200 different brands now made across the UK, new research has shown.
A lockwood pub has been crowned as the best one in Huddersfield in which to sup mild.