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MILE, measure. A length of a thousand paces, or seventeen hundred and sixty yards, or five thousand two hundred and eighty feet. It contains eight furlongs, every furlong being forty poles, and each pole sixteen feet six inches. 2 Stark. R. 89.

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Magnetic's six new projects cover a total of 58km of iron targets, bringing the total strike length of targets at the Bundaroo, Wanara, Nugadong, Miling, Mawson, Calingiri, Malara, Mt Vernon, Wubin, Dalwallinu, Jubuk, Sewell and Quairading projects to an extensive 312km.
Skoda, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (VW) (Xetra: VW), is expected to double its sales in China during 2009, according to Peter Miling, Skoda brand chief at Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Company as reported in the China Daily.
Manufacturing operations include truning miling, bronze foundry, and intellectual property agreement.
THE nearly men of top miling finally came good at Ascot yesterday when Raven's Pass turned the tables on Henry the navigator in the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes.
I saw you there to days miling at me and letting me know I was doing ok -thank you sweetie.
IRISH eyes were definitely miling on Solihull rugby layer David Mdaziira when he went off on a stag weekend with his team-mates to Galway and came back with a bride-to-be
Cram's winning performance ( in what is widely acknowledged as the greatest-ever miling confrontation in history ( saw his record stand for eight years before falling to Noureddine Morceli.
Rakti can cement his place at the top of the miling tree with victory in the Queen Anne Stakes when the five-day Royal Ascot at York extravaganza opens today.
Happy' Frank Endacott: To keeps miling through what is likely to be a testing season for Widnes Vikings.
MiLing, a 10th grader, is mastering study skills she can apply to her general education classes.
Matthews Ltd, tel:0199 383 0342, are an independent flour miling company owned and managed today by the great grandsons of Frederick William Powell Matthews.
Several design iterations of the miling fixture were then evaluated using the computer model to maximize the fixture's stiffness.