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The fathers hung about the door, but the young men of the mountains would crowd up to the table asking many questions, for there was work to be got all the year round at three dollars a day in America, and no military service to do.
And amidst scenes of indescribable emotion the Albany legislature in permanent session, and with a generous suspension of rules and precedents, passed through both Houses the long-disputed Bill for universal military service in New York State.
Not only to enforce by command but to encourage by example the energetic discharge of duty and the steady endurance of the difficulties and privations inseparable from Military Service.
When he returned from his military service Jean-Pierre Bacadou found the old people very much aged.
Now there's no free and independent career in which, in the course of twelve years, a young man who has gone through the grammar-school, been vaccinated, is exempt from military service, and possesses all his faculties (I don't mean transcendent ones) can't amass a capital of forty-five thousand francs in centimes, which represents a permanent income equal to our salaries, which are, after all, precarious.
It is that of the Collector, our gallant old General, who, after his brilliant military service, subsequently to which he had ruled over a wild Western territory, had come hither, twenty years before, to spend the decline of his varied and honourable life.
Created a Peer for distinguished military services in India.
A- State permanent or temporary employees, who were summoned to the reserve military service, are granted a paid vacation throughout the period of their service.
We must pay special attention to young men and prepare them for the compulsory military service," Shaikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah said.
The money to be collected from those who will buy their way out of military service will be spent on arms procurement, Deputy Prime Minister BE-lent Arync has said.
The number of those evading from military service without serious reasons is declining, he said.
The first batch of cadets in the military service will comprise those who have completed secondary school this year.

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