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What has concerned economists are the serious resource constraints currently facing the country that militate against increasing subsidies as their impact on the deficit may be more inflationary than would the relief from the subsidies themselves.
The former Galway Rose Committee say the new structure militates against community groups who used the selections for fund-raising.
He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We have to look at a situation where we change this whole concept and look at the way the benefit militates against people returning to work.
The text group reflected on how much courage it takes to make these kind of reversals in life, to buck what people in our community "see" in you because of what they think they know about who you are and what you've done, and how that militates against life-changing calls sticking.
The existence of a dynamic middle class militates against a permanent aristocracy in the United States, a painful fact for would-be American blue bloods.
Sadly, the lethal combination of great length, wooden dialog, cardboard characters, and peculiar lapses of credible background material militates against the book finding the readers who need or want it.
Of course, while beautiful things are often fragile, unfixed, and soon spent, not everything bearing those qualities is traditionally seen as beautiful Tillmans militates against that notion in single photographs--Sportflecken (Sport stain), 1996, for instance, which turns a stained, rumpled white T-shirt into a whisper of an absent body, a recent tumble, and a present languor--but he does so most effectively in baroque viaducts of floating signifiers made from a mix-and-match of disparate images.
Obviously, the Service's current position on interest militates against filing amended returns.
Part of the problem appears to be the complex bureaucracy surrounding lottery grant application forms, which militates against the small community-based organisations that the system is most supposed to assist.
This mismatch, he says, militates against the Hockney-Falco claim that the painter relied on optical aids.
For many, the goal seems obvious: if reading is to maintain a reverence for the notion of single, inerrant truths that are supposedly found in the Bible, if it is to perpetuate a legacy that militates against the notion of dynamic, diverse voices, it must reject Whole Language and its malleable approach to truth.