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The results were similar to those found in the milk lipid of Pakistan buffalo (Talpur et al.
Chilliard Y, Ferlay A, Rouel J, Lamberet G (2003) A review of nutritional and physiological factors affecting goat milk lipid synthesis and lipolysis.
As for indicator PCBs, the median value of unweighted [SIGMA]PCB (PCBs 138, 153, 180) measured in breast milk samples collected from 1993 through 1995 in a study of 171 mother-child pairs conducted in Dusseldorf was 405 ng/g milk lipids (Walkowiak et al.
1995) used the concentration of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dioxins in breast milk lipids as an estimate of postnatal exposure.
Total milk lipid was extracted using hexane:isopropanol (3:2 vol/vol) mixture at a 7:4 solvent:ration sample volume (Mire et al.
1988) and an initial review of earlier data suggested that on a population basis, breast milk lipid concentrations of persistent lipophilic compounds generally reflect blood lipid levels, albeit with significant variations in these ratios among individuals (Aylward et al.
Feeding lactating dairy cows diets supplemented with oilseeds rich in 18:2n-6 reduce markedly milk saturated fatty acid content and, concomitantly, enhance milk lipid 18:2cis(c)9trans(t) 11 conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) concentration (Collomb et al.
In previous studies, cows that have a low BCS relied more on exogenously derived fatty acids than adipose tissue reserves for milk lipid synthesis (Pedron et al.
Rapid communication: partitioning of persistent lipophilic compounds, including dioxins, between human milk lipid and blood lipid: an initial assessment.