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William Boericke, the noted homoeopath, in his 1901 materia medica stated that milk thistle is to be:
Extracts from milk thistle (Silybum marianum) have been used for centuries for their preventive and curative properties for liver disease.
Milk thistle contains a unique mixture of polyphenolic compounds, among which the main subclass comprises the flavonolignans silychristin, silydianin, silybin and isosilybin (together known as silymarin).
Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate silymarin absorption and metabolism in human volunteers by means of high performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) as an essential step on the road to finally verifying the putative health-related effects of milk thistle.
EThistle[R] liver supplement combines physician recommended doses of antioxidants, milk thistle (360 mg) and vitamin E (400 IU), to help promote a healthy liver.
Best known as a liver tonic, the power ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin, which may have protective effects on the liver, due to its antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties.
Keeping in view the medicinal value of Milk thistle, this research study was conducted to investigate the effect of Milk thistle on the growth and immune performance of broiler chicks against Newcastle disease (ND), infectious bursal disease (IBD) and infectious bronchitis (IB).
James touts prickly pear as the patch's "key ingredient," a great boost to the immune system, as well as liver-detoxifying milk thistle.
Abstract: Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used in humans for the treatment of liver disease because of its antioxidant properties and its ability to stabilize cell membranes and regulate cell permeability.
Peppermint, dandelion root, liquorice root and chamomile combine with milk thistle and the age-old remedy centaury herb to detoxify the body.