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MIMIC Virtual Lab provides an inexpensive way for network engineers and training providers to train, test, demo and prepare for Cisco certifications without purchasing equipment and maintaining labs for those functions.
MiMiC Simulation Software is a dynamic process and I/O simulation solution designed for automation system testing and operator training.
The Receptor Mimic Technology for gastrointestinal diseases of pigs and potentially all other animal species.
Environmental groups also want the FDA to require companies to disclose the use of phthalates and compounds that mimic hormones on plastic container labels.
Handicapped by the stupid storyline, you might think Mimic would fall into all the usual clichs.
Compared to coral snake mimics and plain brown controls, we tested the effect on predation rate of the following: (1) replicas with rings that mimic the coral snake width and arrangement, but made up of the "wrong" colors; (2) replicas with a repeated pattern based on just one yellow ring (red-black-yellow) as opposed to the common pattern of two yellow rings (red-yellow-black-yellow); and (3) replicas with rings that differ in width from those of the coral snake model.
In such a system, the protection gained by the mimic is a function of appearance, predator learning and retention, and ratio of model to mimic in the environment.
4) As Stein states, "The central role of costs of financial distress (c) is apparent here; if c were smaller, there would indeed be an incentive for a bad firm to mimic a medium firm, and the conjectured separating equilibrium would be destroyed.
Therefore, we often see MIMIC mimicking MMIC, and vice versa.
These plans formed the basis of a Phase 1 MIMIC contract awarded in 1988 to a joint venture between ITT Avionics and Martin-Marietta.
This guide presents morphologic descriptions and diagnostic advice for recognizing neoplastic mimics, or opseudotumors,o in soft tissue and bone, including reactive and nonneoplastic processes that may simulate neoplasms, as well as lesions that are considered benign but may mimic malignant tumors.