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At the same time, they resist "modern" concerns about anti-Semitism in the representation of Shylock by viewing Shylock as a figure in a dialectic the end of which is not the suppression of a particularly minatory member of a culturally opprobrious race, but the celebration of a spiritual dispensation that brings redemption to all humanity, even Shylock, who, after all, is shown the mercy he denied Antonio, and whose mandated conversion to Christianity and deed of gift to "son" Lorenzo clear the way for a possible and generically appropriate rapprochement.
Of course, the enticing but minatory country was America, and
It is not the case that these minatory comments are missing in earlier journal entries, but in these pages there is hardly a positive commendation that is not overmatched by negative observations like, "What wonder if all the people were grown dead as stones" (26).
A tart reminder, perhaps, of the minatory associations of things Spanish only sharpened by the heightened sense of nationalism in post-Armada England, recalled in A.
He could be both hortatory and minatory in his public utterances and yet retreat to a small, still voice in the solitude of his study.
Should standards be hortatory (describe what should be done) as well as minatory (describe what must not be done)?
The Soviet Union undermined its own objectives by minatory behavior that produced a palpable sense of threat in the Japanese public.
Or we can equally envisage it as an animated cartoon (and there has been at least one shot at this already), full of mutating graphics and minatory stereophonics.
But there are two complicating factors in the sequence: the Troubles in Ulster, of which one is reminded by a number of minatory images, and married life.
2) Not only do Empson's tactless and regrettable comments register the extent to which the minatory shadow of the Holocaust hovers over any expression of totality (even a Jewish one), but, more specifically, it reveals the continuing hostility and resistance to the presence of legalistic - and specifically Judaic - elements in Milton's work.
He said that the protection of minatory community would be ensured.
The artist has cast them in starring roles in a series of photomontages, inserting them into city-scapes and film stills like minatory CGI giants.