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I was heartened to read that Dennis, who remained a close friend after the two worked on Minder together, had spent some time with George before he died and it's good to know he was in good spirits right until the end.
Little Britain comic Matt Lucas revealed he had once lived in Cole's old home, writing on Twitter: "When I found out that George Cole used to live in our flat, I dug out my old Minder poster.
Following the unprecedented win, Minder Research announced their next generation tire pressure monitoring system for RVs, 5[sup.
The star had a second minder last Sunday on a night out in Manchester, but the shaven-headed man is not believed to be employed by Anfield bosses.
To make sure she can go about her business exploring Rainforest Life, we're providing Tammy with her very own minder to gently guide her around our evening visitors.
Minder claimed that her gown was in fact designed for a woman with a larger than average bust size.
Despite that growth, the company, including Minder, keeps its boots firmly on the ground.
Beverley Parsons, from Lon Clai, Llangefni, had her registration as a child minder suspended last October by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).
But the show, starring Shane Richie as Arthur Daley and Lex Shrapnel as his minder Terry McCann, was panned by critics and lost a million viewers by its second week.
Correctly answer this question for a chance to win: Who played Arthur Daley in the original 1979 to 1994 Minder series?
With shows like BBC Wales' Ashes to Ashes leading the revival of 1980s television, Five are hoping to cash in on Minder 's high ratings when it first aired.