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Mindful Me by Whitney Stewart is a children's guide to a relaxed, happy, self-aware life.
He offered tips on how to live a more mindful life.
For Principal Rosanna Whisnant at Newton-Conover Middle School in North Carolina, being a mindful leader is about relaxing, reflecting and focusing solely on the other person.
com)-- Our World is Burning examines our fragile future and offers an alternative way of living based on Mindful Engagement.
Post your favorite mindful spots or moments anytime throughout the month of January and our favorite post will win a two-night stay in a two-room suite
Mindful Gratitude: Practicing the Art of Appreciation offers much more than a singular self-help or new age approach, using personal stories paired with 'reflection points' to consider individual lives and wider-ranging world collections.
My grandpa's behaviour was similar to mindful eating, a practice that focuses on enjoying your meal and listening to your body's hunger and fullness cues.
Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement: Mental Training for Athletes and Coaches
That's why mindful eating is increasingly trumpeted as a means to achieving a healthier relationship with the food we eat.
One growing tool for doing that research is Mindful Materials, a free, open-source platform that combines manufacturer-submitted data across many credentialing organizations (including Cradle to Cradle, Declare, Healthier Hospitals Initiative, LEEDv4, and WELL) into a more easily searchable library for designers and specifiers.
Being mindful is all about staying in the present and following each action with intention and awareness.
A Mountain Rescue spokeswoman said: "While we've done our best in advocating proper footwear, rain jackets and walking aids and telling people to be mindful of fitness and to be mindful of young children, there have been casualties.