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Research has shown that eating mindfully improves digestion, regulates our appetite and helps us enjoy our food more.
To explore how to help people snack mindfully, Mondelz International hosted a roundtable discussion, focusing on how consumers can find balance between eating for nourishment and enjoyment, and where snacks fit into this balance.
Think about steps you can take so that rather than running away, you can walk mindfully in the direction of your goals.
You will learn how eating mindfully, chewing fully to enjoy and savor food will help you eat less, lose weight, and get control of bad eating habits.
Four powerful ways you can also incorporate mindfulness into your working days include tuning into gratitude, taking short and regular mindful breaks, journaling mindfully at the end of the day and using a mindfulness tool.
The thinking behind the campaign is that, if people took a moment to stop, breathe, and buy mindfully and ethically, they could use their spending power to help people across the world.
Jane Steckbeck, a sexologist and sex coach helping people to mindfully explore their sexuality and to develop sex- positive attitudes; and Bandana Shrestha, the engagement director at AARP Oregon who will explore a new online "livability index" to determine how livable your town or neighborhood is.
My monsterful maker mindfully meted my minnock many meritorious marks: moxie, merriment, mien; May-dew morsels mere men might motch.
While most of the examples target the intermediate-level pianist, pianists and teachers of all levels will find many useful strategies and applications for their own work, not the least of which is to practice mindfully, experiencing the "joy and exhilaration of discovery.
Therapist Gary Heads, from Living Mindfully, who teaches the evening classes, says participants "can benefit from a better work-life balance".
Focusing exclusively on women from the teen years through adulthood, Barbara Creeden's mission is to partner with clients to help them be authentic, find balance and live mindfully.