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Launching the DIM - Danger is Mindless - campaign, Sergeant Phil Rafferty said: "It's not just the economic cost, it's the social costs because it increases fear of crime.
As Andrew notes, too often mainstream Hollywood movies are "simply 'product'-- bland, gimmicky, mindless 'events' designed, through high profile marketing, to make a fast buck" resulting in "imaginatively moribund output.
It gives a glimpse into the making of Mindless Behavior from the start, allowing audiences to follow the journeys of Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal as they chased their dreams from the time they were very young, and to connect with the forces behind the Mindless movement like never before.
This was an act of mindless vandalism and I hope those who took part are caught and feel the wrath of British justice.
But when are they going to clamp down on the mindless idiots who ride around on their silly little scooters/mopeds with the baffles removed (w is illegal) to make them as noisy as possible?
Youtube contains links to dozens of videos posted by local Liverpool gangs, which sees them wallowing in mindless thuggery, violence and attempted gangster behaviour with images of vicious dogs, guns and speeding vehicles.
Mr Pincher, Tamworth's Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman, said: "These vandals are mindless.
Mindless thieves stole flashing blue safety beacons from the scene of a road crash.
It is mindless killing carried out by mindless morons, there is no other description for them.
VANDALS targeted 20 cars during a mindless wrecking spree in Leamington at the weekend.
They're mindless idiots who may one day have children of their own.
But the collection of songs they've penned for this album is simply mindless radio fodder.