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These have been donated in memory of everyone buried in the cemetery - including children and service people - but some mindless idiot has taken them.
But a post on behalf of the town council on it's Facebook page said: "Whilst our tree was not to everyone's liking - some mindless vandals have damaged it beyond repair overnight.
It is important not to let the mindless actions of maybe one person to ruin what was a fantastic achievement which involved so many.
Deciding to stay, Bartee, Disalvo and Lane formed Mindless Medicine and has gathered a dedicated fan base through local performances and releases on their social networks.
Being from Belfast, we're used to mindless violence.
Is it mindless to ignore the effect of net immigration currently running at 310,000 a year?
And Charlotte Watt Howie wrote: "Shocking act of mindless vandalism
But during my internet search I found a man accused of mindless vandalism that makes all of the above pale into insignificance.
Reacting over Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's comment of mindless populism, another CPI leader D Raja said that Jaitley needs to explain as to what he means by 'mindless populism'.
Vandals have carried out a mindless attack on one of Scotland's most unusual and iconic chapels.
Touring behind a great titled remix album which I won't even try to get the name of in a family paper, electro-punk pioneers Mindless Self Indulgence invades Worcester this weekend.
Mindless The Republican parade was rerouted but there were still clashes.