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Everton manager David Moyes said: "The mindless actions by small groups of individuals cannot be condoned and along with the rest of the Merseyside community, everyone at Everton Football Club gives its full support to the police and local authorities in bringing an end to the troubles.
But would it be fair on the very brave men and women who are fighting over there, to dump two mindless, drunken louts, on them?
And mum Vivien Thomson, 28, said: "It's just disgraceful, mindless violence.
Launching the DIM - Danger is Mindless - campaign, Sergeant Phil Rafferty said: "It's not just the economic cost, it's the social costs because it increases fear of crime.
I'm told it's the same mindless twaddle as the others.
As Andrew notes, too often mainstream Hollywood movies are "simply 'product'-- bland, gimmicky, mindless 'events' designed, through high profile marketing, to make a fast buck" resulting in "imaginatively moribund output.
Rather, this seemed believable because of the lowbrow, completely mindless approach the entertainment industry has taken toward the Internet.
It's not a port, and it's not another game dedicated to mindless and graphic violence.
It appears to be mindless criminal damage, with no apparent reason for it.
The council is committed to providing high quality parks and open spaces, but when our budgets are under so much pressure, we can ill afford to replace equipment that has been damaged by mindless vandalism.
The thing is that, even if you buy what the papers are saying and assume everyone involved is just some mindless thug or whatever they're calling them, i think we still need to ask why this country has produced so many mindless thugs.
The actions of a minority of mindless criminals is appalling but our communities responded in a great way and I am proud of the way they dealt with it.