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The committee, which made this comment while answering a question from a Saudi, warned that the mingling of sexes would have a negative effect on the family and society.
audi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Wahabi Islam that prohibits unrelated men and women from mingling.
Saudi Arabia's strict interpretation of Islam prohibits men and women who are not immediate relatives from mingling and women from driving.
The event offered light snacks, entertainment for the children and mingling for the adults.
In half of the orchard, the researchers installed underground plastic barriers to keep the roots of the pecan trees from mingling with the roots of the cotton.
The church was meant to be a sacrament of this sort of hospitality, the kind that gathers in strangers and creates wide open spaces for the mingling of tongues and nations.
mingling, balancing and negotiating of sources and interests" (8).
Eliot, I've never been choked up about the cruelty of mingling dull roots with spring rain.
But Roche teamed up with Aidan O'Brien's Mingling Glances in the Michael Lynch Maiden and the evens favourite simply sprinted clear a furlong out.
Journalism has the power to explain why things are happening, to take public affairs out of the realm of boredom through the use of characterization and narrative, to show how character interacts with institutional imperatives in government-- all this, and much more, and without ever resorting to mingling fact with fiction.
The book integrates new field based techniques (AMS and geophysical studies of pluton shape) with new topics on magma mixing and mingling, sill emplacement and magma sediment interaction.
Abdul Ghafour | Arab News <p>JEDDAH: Veteran Saudi businessman and Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Chairman Saleh Kamil has lambasted religious leaders for making the mingling of the sexes a big issue, adding that Islam has not prohibited unrelated men and women from interacting but rather prohibits them from going into secluded places together.